Top 6 Smart Home Gadgets Nobody Expects To Be Awesome


Last Updated on January 3, 2020

Nowadays there are numerous smart home devices in the composition and decoration of a smart home. There are smart home appliances for all tastes and shapes: smart home voice assistants, smart home locks, smart beds, smart toilets, smart home lighting, and smart flood sensor, among other smart home technology.

However, regardless of the usefulness of these smart home products, it is natural that there are crazy smart home gadgets that no one has asked for or that do not have that wow effect!

Know the top 6 smart home gadgets nobody expects to be awesome, and at the end of the article understand a little bit more about smart technology for your home.


#1 – Smart Baby Monitors


Smart baby monitors have some cool features and, in some specific situations, can be an added asset for monitoring and controlling baby’s movements and well-being. However, using this type of device is not as reliable as a baby monitor – at least for now, as this technology is very recent.

This type of smart gadget requires an excellent internet connection to use and may not be as stable and reliable as a standard baby monitor. With a baby, it is well known that a little negligence can be fatal.

#2 – Smart Fork


The smart fork is a very cheap smart home gadget that you could buy to help you with your meals – you can buy it from $ 50. This smart gadget looks like one of those ridiculous smart devices that nobody misses, but for those who are looking to fix some bad eating habits can be important.

This gadget monitors how fast you eat and sends performance reports to an app on your smartphone. It also tells you if you are eating too fast or too slow, which helps your body feel more easily satiated and accelerates your metabolism.

#3 – Smart Toilet

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The smart toilet was one of the smart home gadgets 2019 and it is equipped with a motion-activated seat and cover, seat warmer, front and rear water cleaning, auto flush, among other technological features.


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