7 Ways to Protect Your Security Cameras from Spies


1. Do Not Give Shared Access to the Security Camera Management

Most people have already installed a doorbell camera or other type of surveillance camera outside or inside the home. And they did it to find out and, if necessary, to identify the people who access their property and to check if their family or pets are safe.

And any smart camera allows the sharing of videos and live recordings to any electronic device – as long as the administrator of the security camera management platform allows shared access to the application – see the case of Google Nest and Arlo.

This is one of the greatest dangers for anyone who wants to preserve their privacy, and that is why you should not give anybody shared access to the management application of this security equipment.

If you have already done so, access the equipment’s camera settings and remove access privileges to all unwanted people (ex-husband, ex-wife, father, mother, brother, friend, among other users) and immediately change the password account.


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