7 Smart home technologies that will dominate the market

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Ever since smartphones devices began to dominate our lives that technological development has accelerated exponentially across all industries. Manufacturers and developers had to get creative to introduce high-end technology into every aspect of our lives. Hence the growing dominance of home technologies and smart home appliances. It’s all happening so fast! Smart homes have been fascinating to the public for quite some time now. Every year, electronic devices that can improve our household tasks and daily routines in any way are the focus of attention at the major tech conventions. The concept of home comfort has vastly changed, and nowadays, consumers are much more demanding. This is perfectly reflected by the success of newly launched products like smart vacuum cleaners, voice assistants, and smart surveillance systems, just to name a few. Here are the main trends in home technology that you need to know!

1. Smart lighting

A decade from now, people will wonder how stupid it was to use a physical switch to turn the lights of a room on and off. Maybe it won’t even last that long. Think about it, you probably already have a friend that has those crazy RGB lights on his living room that he can turn on through a voice command using Alexa. “Alexa, turn on ceiling lights.” Right? Although this is just a feature that looks cool, and not exactly something extremely convenient and much needed, automatic lighting control combined with motion sensors may help you lower your electricity bill by turning off all the lights every time the system notices that a certain room is empty.

2. Smart toilets

They had to invent smart toilets. It was inevitable. But strange as it may seem, there are several valid reasons for their existence, and they can indeed improve your life in various aspects. That’s why they are very common in Asian countries. Like Japan, for example! Here are the benefits of a smart toilet: Automatically flip the seat and lid: it will impress all your friends, so why not? Bidet wand: besides reducing toilet paper consumption, a bid wand is also much more hygienic and can be really helpful for those who suffer from hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome. Automatic flush: this feature saves water and prevents germs from spreading since you don’t have to touch the flush with your hands. Heated seat: you don’t want your thighs touching the cold surface of the toilet seat, do you? Automatic deodorizer: your toilet will always smell fresh! It’s worth mentioning that, generally, it is the toilet seat itself that is “smart”. So, chances are you can buy a smart toilet seat and install it on your current toilet. They aren’t cheap, that’s for sure. Some advanced toilets are also capable of analyzing your stools and urine and give you some feedback about your health – this might be useful to detect colon cancer, for example.


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