10 Amazingly Incredible Japanese Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind


Let’s admit it! Japan is a very unique country that combines the beauty of the old traditions with today’s most incredible technological progress.

In fact, it has always been widely known for being technologically one step ahead from the rest of the world that even people started to believe that it’s from another galaxy!

However, this article will make you much more impressed giving you the chance to discover 10 incredibly amazing and smart Japanese inventions.

#1 – Butter Graters

Butter Graters

© Dude Gadgets

There is no doubt that the people in Japan live differently! They are constantly trying to make their lives easier and more comfortable. Toast and butter is a common breakfast meal in Japan.

Therefore, to avoid ripping their soft toast while spreading hard butter, the Japanese people decided to come up with a smart invention that shall end this problem. This way, they came out with a butter grater, which is really genius!

#2 – Sinks Attached To Cisterns

Sinks Attached To Cisterns

© BabaMail

Water is definitely the source of life that shouldn’t be wasted for no reason. And unlike many countries in the world, Japan fully supports the wise consumption of water, even in restrooms. So, to avoid the overconsumption of water, Japan attached sinks to cisterns.

This way, users can use water from the sink to partially fill up the cistern, which will eventually lead to a significant reduction of the overall water consumption.

#3 – Laptop Alarm Systems

Laptop Alarm Systems

© Sputnik International

You will definitely love and appreciate this invention, especially if you are always worried that somebody will approach your laptop while you are away or out of office! In fact, people in Japan don’t really have this problem and are more comfortable working out of the office and that’s due to the laptop alarm system they have invented!

Let’s say, if the device’s sensor detects any movement, it will immediately turn red, sound an alarm, and finally send you a warning notification to your smartphone.

#4 – Door Opening Detectors

Door Opening Detectors

© BabaMail

If you are sick of always telling people to never abruptly walk into your room, then, you might be interested to get a door opening detector. The latter is not only a smart invention but one of the best.

You just need to attach it to your door and it will light up to warn you that somebody will be invading your private space within 13 feet of your door, which is really amazing!

#5 – Desktop Washing Machines

Desktop Washing Machines

© twitter.com

If you have never seen this desktop washing machine before, then, welcome to Japan! The latter device is used by the Japanese people to clean their small stuff or belongings such as watches, jewelry, and spectacles.

To Use it, you just have to plug it into the computer, add some water, and turn it on!

#6 – Tablet Cushion Covers

Tablet Cushion Covers

© Saga

Holding up a tablet and spend hours in that position is definitely tiring and uncomfortable! However, this should no longer be a problem as in Japan people have come up with interesting tablet cushion covers on which you can place your tablet, book or whatever and enjoy what you’re doing.

The cushion covers will keep your device firm and stable and that’s because the cushions contain silicone spots that help your device stay attached!

#7 – Transparent TVs

Transparent TVs

© TechRadar

It’s true that transparency TVs cannot offer you the best viewing experience as the picture is not as clear and bright as the latest 4K TVs, but still, they are desired and attract many people! No wonder they can be found in many Japanese restaurants and businesses.

#8 – Mouse Gloves

Mouse Gloves

© Engadget

That’s Really fun and Interesting! These weird gloves are designed to make people’s life much easier and less stressful. So, instead of wasting half of your life praying that your mouse clicks don’t get stuck when clicking on them, you can purchase this mouse gloves.

The latter help users to click and move the cursor by a very simple and smooth flick of the index finger.

#9 – Artificial Intelligence For Cars

Artificial Intelligence For Cars

© HuffPost UK

This invention is a great blessing! It is normally created to detect the drivers who are about to fall asleep and lose control of the wheel! In case, this is detected, the artificial intelligence technology will alert the driver and do others things to prevent them from falling asleep.

#10 – Magic Mirrors

Magic Mirrors

© Forbes

Panasonic has also come up with a smart and magical mirror. The latter analyses your facial features and print a makeup mask that you can put on your face and perfectly cover all your imperfections, including scars, acne, and the uneven skin tone.


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