All Amazon Prime Benefits You Need To Know


Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Amazon has completely revolutionized the way we shop online and our expectations regarding the delivery time and customer service. That’s why it has become one of the largest and most powerful companies in the entire world. Most people become prime members to take advantage of the shipping benefits. Sure, it’s great to have free same-day delivery or even 2-hour delivery on some specific orders. But ever since this service was created back in 2005, the company has added a series of other interesting benefits for its members to encourage users to subscribe and to justify the price increase – in 2014, Amazon increased its yearly prime subscription fee by 25%, to a total of $99. Here are all the Amazon Prime perks you should know about.

1. Shipping benefits

We have already mentioned that prime members have same-day and 2-hour deliveries (advertised as Amazon Prime Now), depending on the area of residence and the items ordered. But there are three other shipping benefits: two-day shipping, release-date delivery (pre-ordered items will be delivered on release day to prime members), and Amazon day (prime members can choose a weekly delivery day for items bought throughout the week). Furthermore, prime members who don’t need the ordered items delivered right away can opt for no-rush shipping and earn rewards for future purchases on the platform. Did you know about this little Amazon hack?

2. Amazon prime reading

If you’re an avid reader, Prime Reading might be the perk that will convince you to become a prime member. Amazon provides free access to a catalog of thousands of books and magazines. It works just like a regular library, where you can borrow a book and read it on your e-reader device or smartphone. But that’s not the only thing that book lovers are going to enjoy. Amazon Prime gives you early access to a new book for free every month through a program called Amazon First Reads – which also has other benefits like one Kindle book for just $1.99 each month and discounts on print editions. If you’re into audiobooks and podcasts, a Prime membership also gives you access to Audible Channels for free – a service that costs $60 per year.


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