7 Free Movie Download Websites to Watch HD Movies Online


Last Updated on February 4, 2021

If you search Google for “best free movie website”, you’ll find tens of thousands of results from that search. However, the first results do not always reveal the most current free movie websites in the best-operating conditions. To watch HD movies online, we have prepared a list of 7 free movie download websites that you should use whenever you feel like spending a more relaxed time alone or with your family. Use and abuse these movie websites and don’t forget to save them to your favorites for future use. They are:

7. YouTube – The Famous Video Sharing Website!

YouTube needs no introduction. There, you can watch the most varied contents, such as a good HD movie, all kinds of drama series, comedy, fiction, among other genres and TV shows. You can also subscribe to the channels of the main brands and celebrities and discover the most popular YouTubers on your favorite topics. Keep in mind that YouTube offers you the chance to watch a free movie HD, but it also gives you the possibility to benefit from a paid subscription plan like YouTube Premium and YouTube TV to watch the best content without any kind of publicity. Not to mention that you can download high-quality movies.

6. The Internet Archive – An interesting Website to Download Movies for Free

The Internet Archive is undoubtedly one of the best websites – and one of the oldest as well, for you to download movies for free and in various formats. It is a movie download website that offers you a wide range of digital films that have been uploaded by other users of the portal. You can find numerous categories of films on the Internet Archive, such as westerns, thrillers, musicals, and, of course, the indispensable action and comedy films that people have been searching for to create the longed-for and entertaining home cinema nights. You also get access to books, music, and TV shows, among other types of content that are added daily.

5. Popcornflix – The Name Says It All!

Before stating the advantages of this video streaming website, it is necessary to highlight its name. Popcornflix has the perfect name for such a website because it combines the incredible taste of popcorn with the pleasure of watching a good movie in a relaxed way. It is, perhaps, the best free movie download website that you have at your disposal. You can find all the films of your favorite genres, such as animated films, comedy, adventure, horror, or action, among others. But, on this platform, it is not only the films that stand out because you also have access to documentaries, series, and TV shows…without any cost or subscription, of course. This website is owned by Screen Media Ventures and is one of the most popular interfaces for lovers of the seventh art. This is due to the rich and varied content it offers and the fact that it can be viewed through any Android phone or iOS phone.


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