4 Legal Ways to Have Free Internet Connection at Home


Last Updated on February 22, 2021

Nowadays, having internet access at home is a necessity. It is absolutely indispensable for a multitude of important personal and professional tasks, like talking to our loved ones and accessing our inbox. Kids also need the internet for educational reasons. And of course, it is always nice to have access to the various forms of entertainment available in the digital space. But for some households, internet services can be too expensive and have a severe impact on their monthly budget. Luckily, there are a few things you can do if money is a little tight for you right now. Here are a few techniques and services you can use to get free wireless internet in your home:

4. Take advantage of public Wi-Fi networks

Remember the days when restaurants and coffee shops had posters advertising free Wi-Fi for all their customers? Those days are far gone. Free Wi-Fi is now all over the place and people expect to benefit from this commodity everywhere they go. If your home is very close to a restaurant or other type of store that provides free internet to its customers, you can try using it. Just make sure to eat at that restaurant every once in a while.  Moreover, there is also this amazing thing called municipal wireless networks. These are free Wi-Fi hotspots that local governments install in certain city areas to provide free internet to their citizens. It’s worth checking if your house is located in an area covered by these networks. You can use apps like Instabridge or WiFiMap to check free Wi-Fi networks (and their respective passwords) near your location. These apps are extremely useful because they show you the distance and performance of each hotspot – and WiFiMap even has a built-in VPN to increase the security of your connection. Unfortunately, the overall internet speed in the public connections we mentioned can be quite slow, especially when multiple people are connected at the same time – which can happen quite frequently. To make things even worse, the distance to the router also compromises the quality of the connection. Nevertheless, having slow internet is so much better than having no internet altogether.


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