What to Do If You Dropped Your Phone in Water


Last Updated on February 14, 2021

Given that we use our phone anywhere, water accidents have become quite common. Fortunately, most flagship smartphone models are now waterproof. This means that nothing will happen to these devices as long as they are not submerged for an absurd amount of time nor reach great water depths – if that’s your case, make sure you read your phone’s manual to get familiar with the exact numbers.  But not everyone has the financial capacity to afford a high-end smartphone. So, if your smartphone isn’t waterproof, you need to know exactly how to act in case you drop your phone in water. It could be the difference between saving your precious device or having to spend a lot of money on a new one. _ Let’s start by pointing out a few critical mistakes that you must avoid! • Don’t try to power it back on to check if the phone is still working; • Don’t press any buttons; • Don’t try to charge it; • Don’t shake the phone to dry it out; • Don’t use a hairdryer to dry it out; Now that you know exactly what not to do to fix a phone dropped in water, here’s the repair guide you desperately need. Repairing a phone dropped in water in 5 steps:

1. Take the phone out of the water ASAP

What is the first thing that happens when you drop your phone in water? You start to panic and take a very long time to react and get it out of the water. In this situation, it is important to act fast to prevent water from seeping into the smartphone’s internal circuit. Grab the phone as soon as possible and try not to make any abrupt movements while holding it in your hand.

2. Turn the phone off

We know we advised you not to press any buttons whatsoever, but if the phone is still on, please turn it off immediately by pressing the power button. This is crucial to decreasing the risk of short-circuiting. It goes without saying that if the phone is off, you shouldn’t attempt to turn it back on.


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