Top 7 iPhone Privacy Settings You Should Enable Now!


Last Updated on February 23, 2021

In addition to being your travel companion, since it goes with you everywhere, your iPhone device knows everything about you, as it stores very personal information and data about you. That makes it your best tech friend! However, your contacts, photos, emails, location, bank details, among other more personal information, are not safe in this digital age, as some companies are not very strict about the privacy issues of users, etc. To protect your privacy, we have prepared an article that will explain how you can define iPhone privacy settings to protect privacy. These are seven extraordinary iPhone privacy settings that you should enable now. Discover them now:

1. Location – To Prevent Knowing Where You Are

One of the best iPhone privacy settings to turn on is the location since nowadays, most mobile applications constantly save the location data of its users. They share it with other companies. And they do it many times a day. It is up to you to limit this mobile application’s access to your location data. To do so, access the Location Services found in your iPhone’s Settings and select the “never” option. Normally, this option is already active by default, but you should always confirm. If you are traveling and need to use Google Maps, it is advisable to change this setting to the state “While Using the App.” This way, your location data will always be protected.

2. Camera – Dangerous in the Hands of Malicious People

Several mobile applications request access to your iPhone’s camera to work better or offer you a unique and unrepeatable experience. This is the case with the Snapchat application. You’ve likely heard of Snapchat’s numerous filters and lenses. And if you have already used them, it is a sign that you had to permit the application to access your phone camera. However, some applications request access to your iPhone’s camera for no apparent reason, and here you must block their access. Access the iPhone camera settings found in the device’s settings and see which applications have access to your camera. If there is one that you don’t like, disable it immediately, as it may be someone who doesn’t have the best intentions.


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