Top 7 Free And Paid Music Streaming Apps You Need To Try


Last Updated on December 22, 2020

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One of the industries that changed most with the emergence of the internet was the music industry because it caused the once-famous vinyl records, LPs, cassettes, CDs and MP3s to fall into disuse.

In fact, it was estimated that illegal downloads would be fatal for the survival of all artists who lived on music. But, over time, the main bands and music artists were able to adapt to this new reality and conquered their space in streaming music services.

Right now, there are several streaming music services and music streaming apps and they all represent a new way of listening to music. Most offer a free version and a paid premium version and they are all available for iOS phone or Android phones.

If you want to know about the best paid and free music streaming apps and services to listen whenever you feel like, stay with us and put one of them to play to make reading this article even more interesting!

1. Spotify – The Most Popular Music Streaming Service

Spotify is the most popular and well-known music streaming service everywhere. And this is due to the fact that it offers an extraordinary catalog of recent and older songs to its users – hence it is so appreciated by many people of different age groups.

And the average user can download Spotify and choose between a free service and a paid or premium service.

In the free service, the user is obliged to listen to short advertising breaks; whereas in the paid version, that is, in the Spotify premium version, you only hear the music you like without interruption from ads (and you can listen to your playlists online or download songs and listen offline).

How much does Spotify Premium cost? In the first 30 days, Spotify Premium is free, allowing you to explore all the options that can be found there, such as all the songs of your favorite artists and bands, curated radio stations, podcasts and other types of interesting content.

After that period, Spotify premium cost is $ 9.99 – $ 14.99 per month.

2. Pandora – Online Radio to Listen Wherever and Whenever You Want

The Pandora music app is known for creating small radio stations based on your personal musical tastes and interests. It was the pioneer in offering this type of service to find new artists and music genres according to their musical preferences, which is now common practice for most music streams.

The Pandora app can be subscribed with 3 different plans: the Pandora plan, free of charge, in which the user hears various advertisements; the Pandora plus plan, for $ 4.99 per month that allows you to customize 4 radio stations and listen to them offline with great sound quality and without advertising; and the Pandora premium plan, for $ 9.99 a month that allows you to skip unlimited music tracks, create the playlists you want without having to be interrupted by advertisements and the possibility to listen to your music offline whenever you feel like it.

3. Apple Music – For All Radio Lovers

Apple Music is one of the best music apps and music streaming services today. It works based on iTunes Radio and Beats Music – Apple Music’s streaming service for smartphone devices equipped with Android and iOS operating systems.

It has more than 50 million songs available, a radio service that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers you the chance to put all your music library on iCloud (up to about 100 thousand songs), which means you can listen on all your Apple devices (Apple Watch included).

There are many people who ask themselves, “What is the best music app to pay for?” And most respond that Apple Music is the best.

This is because it offers different subscription plans, such as $ 4.99 per month for students, $ 9.99 per month for individual use and $ 14.99 for families. These are the most competitive and desirable prices on the market.

4. YouTube Music – Music and Video in One Place!

Are you one of those people who prefer to have an app that allows you to listen and watch music videos at the same time? So there is no better app than YouTube Music. It is the streaming service with the Google seal that gives you access to tens of thousands of songs and video clips on your smartphone.

This service is available on the Play Store and the Apple Store and can be used by you through the free or paid version.

-YouTube Music Free Version: In the free version, in addition to access to thousands of songs and video clips, you can make remixes and consult covers and complete albums by artists and bands, among many other options.

-YouTube Music Premium Version: The paid version (YouTube Premium for $ 9.99 per month) is one of the best paid music apps on the market.

And this is due to the fact that it does not show ads while you are listening to your music; it allows you to access your music while you are offline and offers you great features like Offline Mixtape that automatically downloads 20 to 100 songs according to your tastes and listening habits.

5. Tidal – For Lovers of Sound Quality and Quality Music

Tidal is one of the most spectacular paid music apps that you can subscribe to and use on your smartphone. It is suitable for anyone looking for an application that offers excellent sound quality.

The Tidal app has a library with more than 25 million songs and its users can watch over 75 thousand music videos without ads. And all this with an enormous lossless audio quality, that is, the transmission of high fidelity music, worthy of audiophiles.

Tidal music app offers the possibility of being subscribed for $ 9.99 per month (it does not have a free version) and this is a demonstration of its positioning and relevance in the market and that, in fact, transmits high-quality sound (320kbps AAC or audio Lossless FLAC).

6. Amazon Music – The Ideal Option for Amazon Subscribers

With a very similar operation to Spotify, Amazon Music offers you the option of listening to thousands of music tracks by your favorite artists and bands and the choice to build your music playlist.

It is a fantastic music streaming service that is available on two Amazon Prime Subscriptions:

Prime music (a free version that is included for subscribers) and Music Unlimited (the paid version). While prime music gives you the chance to access a library with more than 2 million songs; music unlimited has over 50 million songs available for $ 9.99 a month or $ 7.99 a month for Prime Members, among many other perks.

7. LiveXLive – Slacker Radio and Live Events

LiveXLive is one of the most complete free music apps that you can use on your mobile devices.

Previously known as slacker radio – it was acquired in late 2017 and rebranded in 2019 as LiveXLive Powered by Slacker, this music streaming app allows you to listen to your favorite music tracks and to watch all kinds of live events…and free.

Slacker music app, or LiveXLive Powered by Slacker, offers free access to thousands of songs and hundreds of festivals and shows you love. In addition, it gives you hundreds of interactive music stations, exclusive audio and video shows, offline listening without data consumption and more.

It is undoubtedly one of the most respected apps of the moment and, therefore, a must-download on your smartphone!

Now that you know the 7 most popular and used paid and free music streaming apps and services today, which one is your favorite? Which will you use? Do you prefer the free versions or the premium ones? Use one of these applications that we present to you now and completely transform your music experience.


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