Top 10 Tips To Have A Better Phone Battery Life!


Last Updated on December 1, 2020

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Can you imagine running out of battery in the middle of an important call that can determine the closing of a big deal? Or running out of a chance to ask someone for help just because the phone battery died?

The truth is that we need our smartphones to carry out day-to-day tasks smoothly. But if we don’t have strong battery power, then our phones become useless.

Discover 10 tips for a better smartphone battery life and put them into practice immediately. Read on to find out all about these tips!

1. Disable Active Location Services

There are numerous applications that you download to your Android smartphone or iPhone that use “active location services” through GPS data, know where you are, and present certain products or services that match your location.

If, for example, you have checked into a certain hotel in Chicago or elsewhere in the world, the respective hotel application knows where you are and presents you with good entertainment. There are also other apps that use active location services to present you with great deals or incredible discounts in your area.

This active location service is undoubtedly an asset for those who do not miss the main news or updates for certain products or services. But, also, it should be noted that its use reduces battery life. It is advisable to keep this feature disabled so that your battery lasts longer.

2. Pay Attention to Push Notifications

Have you not already received a message from a game or an application that you have installed on your smartphone telling you, for example, that today you have not yet received your daily reward? That you are entitled to a certain bonus?

Or that there is an extraordinary promotion in place? These personalized application messages are known as push notifications and they are intended to keep you using the app that you installed.

The existence of push notifications is not directly related to the battery strength of your smartphone – it is a communication that is done automatically.

However, receiving the respective communication uses the battery of your smartphone. This is because the notification you receive vibrates or makes noise, depending on the equipment’s settings, and this is what affects battery life.

Configure push notifications in the application configuration options – you can even disable them if you want.

3. Do Not Use Wallpaper With Bright Colors

Nowadays, AMOLED screens (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) are increasingly used in smart TVs, computers, tablets and, of course, smartphone devices. This technology is so appreciated because it delivers images with a higher quality, that is, more sharp, colorful and bright.

Unlike iPhone devices, Android devices use this phone wallpaper on their devices, which forces them to consume more battery since the pixels used on the screen need more energy to be activated. In this sense, it is advisable that you use wallpaper with darker colors (and, of course, without animations) for long battery life.

4. Decrease Equipment Brightness

One of the best smartphone hacks to put into practice is to decrease the brightness of the respective equipment. The brightness of the screen, like wallpaper with colors that are too bright, requires more battery consumption because more energy is spent lighting the pixels.

Of course, you should not leave your smartphone in the dark because it even impairs your vision, but you can reduce the brightness of the device to lower levels without causing damage to your eyes. Only then will you be able to have the best battery life phone, since your device will always be ready to use.

5. Use Airplane Mode Functionality

Any smartphone with the Android or iPhone operating system has the need to connect to a certain network.

In cases where you are in a location with a little network, your smartphone takes on a constant struggle with the nearest network detection and with greater stability and quality, which ends up harming the performance of the respective equipment.

Thus, and so that your smartphone does not have the need to work on the network search, you must use Airplane mode. This feature allows you to turn off all communication functions and stop looking for new network signals, which leads to greater battery savings.

6. Do You Need to Have Wifi Always On?

This is a simple question, but it makes perfect sense for anyone who wants to optimize a smartphone’s battery life.

Or do you only remember that you could have turned off Wifi after receiving the notification that informs you that your device has a low battery? It is natural to happen, but it is a matter of habit that you must internalize and do when leaving home, for example.

Like the automatic search for a network signal, the smartphone also tries to automatically detect the Wifi network closest to you, which requires greater battery consumption and effort. Go to Wifi settings, disable Wifi and extend the battery life of your iPhone or Android.

7. Download A Special Application

How to have a better smartphone life? There are fantastic applications that allow you to avoid wasting energy, such as Snapdragon BatteryGuru for Android devices or Battery Life Pro for iPhone devices, among other equally effective options.

This type of application is mandatory on any smartphone and you must install a background app on yours because it will learn your usage habits and automatically adjust the features of your smartphone accordingly, optimize battery life.

8. Clean Apps You’re Not Using

Do you like downloading apps? Having numerous applications on your smartphone because you don’t know when you may have the need or the desire to use them again?

It is natural that this happens because everyone does the same and download apps for games, food, sports, photography, and weather, among other product or service apps.

Sometimes we have several unused apps on the smartphone – at the time they were downloaded, they were fun and served a purpose.

But since then, you’ve never used them again. And the worst thing is that they may be running and being updated in the background, which means that your smartphone’s battery will wear out more.

Does it still make sense to be taking up space and spending your smartphone’s battery life? Evaluate which applications are truly important to you and to carry out your day-to-day tasks and uninstall any others that you are not using.

9. Don’t Let Your Smartphone Overload

Overcharging phones is one of the most important problems affecting the battery life of smartphones. This is due to the fact that modern mobile devices use lithium-ion batteries that quickly discharge their energy when they are overcharged.

Keep in mind that you should never overcharge your phone because you will end up with a weak battery that runs out of power in a matter of minutes, which will force you to spend money on the purchase of a new one.

10. Purchase an Extra Portable Battery

Regardless of the care, you take to increase the battery life of your smartphone, the truth is that it ends up running out of battery.

And sometimes there is no way to run out of battery on your smartphone, right? So that this doesn’t happen from one moment to the next (or even when you need it most), it is advisable to purchase an extra portable battery.

This accessory is indispensable for all people who need to always have the smartphone operational (mainly by businessmen who can close large contracts at any time) and are an asset in maintaining their communications.

These are the 10 tips for a better smartphone battery life that you should put into practice. In doing so, you will be better aware and prepared for all circumstances.


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