This Is Why People Are Switching to the iPhone 11 from Android


Before the release of the new Apple game changer, there were a lot of iPhone 11 leaks. And now that the iPhone 11 release date is way back in the past, some people are pumped about changing phones by switching to the iPhone 11 pro, especially those who have an Android device!

Naturally, of course, those who own an older iPhone (such as the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone XR, or the iPhone X) want to change to the new iPhone 11 lineup as well.

In this article, however, we are going to focus on the reasons that make people with Android phones switch to the newly released iPhone 11. Keep reading, therefore, to learn more about these reasons. You never know; you might end up wanting to change your Android phone to an iPhone 11 after you read these reasons.


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