Best Android Phones 2021 Version!

best android phones 2021

Last Updated on February 27, 2021

Whoa… it feels like just yesterday when we were reading about “the best smartphones for 2020.” Now it’s already 2021, a fresh beginning (or not so much? With the pandemic and all) for phones at least.  So let’s talk about Android phones, what makes them good and why you should get yourself an Android device if you don’t already own one. Android smartphones are famous for their many features, great cameras, and affordable prices compared to their peers. In 2021, Android phones will prove to us even more that they have come a long way, so here are the top Android phones right now! Alright, let’s see the best Android phone 2021. 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra If you want an expansive screen, a triple-rear camera, wireless charging, and high internal storage, you will find that in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This Android phone comes with either 28 G.B. or 512GB of internal storage capacity, an embedded S Pen stylus, 5G featureRAM 12 G.B., 4500mAh battery capacityhigh-powered Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, and reverse wireless charging. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is pretty pricy ($450 at Samsung), it’s worth the investment if you can afford it! 2. Motorola Edge Plus Fast charging battery of 5000mAh, on-screen fingerprint sensormultiple rear cameras with heavy-duty specs, Motorola Edge Plus has all that you can expect from a premium 5G phone.  Oh, but there is more: Motorola Edge Plus has the fastest performance and 5G speedthree rear Cameras, a bold display, and a loud speaker, making it the phone of the year! The price is $999.99 at

3. Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51 has four cameras, an OLED display screen with a high refresh rate, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage (expandable storage), a 4,000mAh battery offering a long battery life, in-screen fingerprint reader. All of that is at $250 this ear so go for it if you’re looking for a cool, durable Android phone.

4. Google Pixel 4A

This Android phone has one of the best cameras out there that will take brilliant photos for you if that’s a feature you’re looking for in smartphones today. So is the Google Pixel 4A worth it? 


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