7 Ways To Charge Your Smartphone Without A Charger!


1. Use The USB Ports To Charge Your Smartphone

To charge your smartphone via a USB port, you must have a charging cable compatible with your mobile device. Nowadays, the charging cables of smartphones are already prepared to be used as USB, since they have the format USB-A – the end of the cable that connects the smartphone to a USB port.

Currently, there are USB ports anywhere, such as at airports, trains, buses, cafeterias, commercial malls, among other spaces. But there are also USB ports on computers, tablets, televisions – the Samsung TV USB port is one of the pioneers, backpacks, and even in regular clothes that are used in everyday life.

There is no shortage of options for charging via USB ports – there are already hotels that have USB port types on the lamps and bedside tables so that their guests have a more comfortable stay.
This way of charging your phone is not as fast as the conventional one, but it solves the problem.


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