7 Smartphone Trends That Really Should Stop In 2021

smartphone trends

Last Updated on January 26, 2021

From clothes to traveling, from food to technology, every now and then, everything suffers from a phenomenon called “trending”. Don’t confuse trends with viral! Viral is something that spreads really quickly but has a short period of life. A trend is something that may take a little longer to be established but can last for a long period of time. And, sometimes, they stay too much time between us! And something that can be really annoying is technology trends, especially when they affect something we use every single day, almost 24hours a day: smartphones! Smartphone trends are a thing! Some are spectacular; others, we just want them to disappear. And if you’re wondering which ones I’m talking about, read this article and get to know 7 smartphone trends that really should stop in 2021!

1. Stop naming everything with 5G

If you’re a millennial, you know all the G growth. Around the ’90s, 2G came when we transitioned from analog to digital. A decade passed and 3G blew our minds! 3.5G… 4G… It was a matter of time till we reached the 5G we have now. So yes, we know that 5G is something that is good for everyone, business and personal. We also know that most phones will be prepared to use this revolutionary technology. What we don’t need is that brands keep naming their most recent smartphones with 5G. Do you know what would make sense and help people? Naming 4G all those that still can’t afford this new technology.

2. Stop using plastic/glasstic on top smartphones

Back then, when cell phones first appeared, they were made of plastic, more or less durable, but plastic. And we didn’t mind about that. Although the price could be high, it was because of the inside’s technology and not because of fabric materials. As time went by, brands had the idea of building smartphones with premium quality material, like tempered glass and such. And we started buying expensive smartphones because they were technologically advanced and built with superb material. But now, brands create this new trend: “let’s use this glasstic thing, that is plastic that looks and feels like glass, on our more expensive models, and charges the same!”. No, no, no. For a $1000+ smartphone consumers expect to have top-notch materials, on the inside and outside!


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