7 Amazing Tips That Will Help You to Set Up Your TV for the Perfect Picture!


Last Updated on March 26, 2020

However, not all televisions allow it. To find out if your TV supports a particular source, simply access the TV picture settings and select the corresponding option. If the TV supports this option, the image will appear on your device’s screen. Otherwise, it is a sign that the selected font is not supported.

Tip: If you find that your 4K Blu-ray device cannot output the image in Ultra HD, try connecting it to a different HDMI port. Most of the time, this is enough to solve the problem.

3. Understand That Ambient Lighting Influences Image Perception

One of the most important features that most interferes with the quality of the image presented on a TV is related to the lighting of the environment where the equipment is installed.

LCD screens are made up of a backlight (like a kind of torch illuminating a dark room), whereas plasmas and OLED screens feature self-illuminating screens that evolve in low light environments, hence they are people’s favorites.

To find out how to improve picture quality on LG TV for example, and to improve your experience of watching TV at home, namely in the perception of a higher quality image, you must place a lamp behind the TV. This light source will make the TV image quality stand out even more.

4. Pay Attention to Where the TV Will Be Installed

It is common knowledge that the location where the TV is installed has a profound effect on the quality of the transmitted image. And this happens due to several situations:

• Loss of contrast when people look at the television screen from an angle.

• The misaligned position of the seats in relation to the position of the TV.

• At the distance from the seats or the sofa to the television.

• The resistance that the decorative objects provoke in the field of vision when looking at the TV.

• The position of the screen in relation to the eyes, contributing to the appearance of eye problems.

5. Realize the Benefits of Image Presets


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