6 Surprising Smartphone Problems You Can Fix For Yourself!


The title might sound a little dramatic, of course, you can choose to pay someone to fix your phone but some of us enjoy saving money and just do it ourselves when we feel like we can easily do it. When it comes to smartphones it’s easy to get “robbed”.

If we go to the actual store where we bought the phone the prices are scandalous, if we go to the nearest tech shop just around the corner, there’s a high possibility we’re going to get scammed and pay for it. So can you trust phone repair shops? You can, but prepare to pay the price for it.

Sometimes the best option is just trying to do it yourself. Of course, there’s always the risk of losing warranties and stuff like that. But most things on this list won’t make you lose any warranty because they’re external to your phone. Check out below some of the best mobile repairing tricks and tips.


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