6 Free Apps To Make Your Android’s Battery Last Longer

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Last Updated on February 25, 2021

Are you an Android user? Having all the free apps that Play Store provides can drain your battery and leave you looking for a charger and an outlet all the time, not to mention that any phone’s battery life gets worse and worse with time. Luckily, there are many ways you can boost the battery life of an Android phone, and the best, easiest way is by downloading some awesome apps that were designed to help you stay away from the charger for as long as possible, even if your phone is a little old.  Read on to find the best battery-saving app for yourAndroid.

1. Dfndr Battery

To extend the battery life of your smartphone, the Dfndr Battery app will provide you with many ways that can help you. This free app is designed with some powerful features that can save battery life without affecting the phone’s performance. Some of the best features in this app are the automatic shutting off of inactive applications that are running in the background and using up the battery, the battery cooler that keeps the phone’s temperature cool, and screen save that decreases your screen light up to 33% without compromising visibility.

2. Kaspersky battery life

The Kaspersky Battery Life app will not only save your battery but also monitor every app on your Android. You will have complete control over the battery life performance, and you will be well-aware of everything through active alerts.  This free app will notify you as soon as any other application starts consuming more battery than others, and then, it’s up to you to take action. It will also give you an accurate prediction of the battery life in hours and minutes! 

3. GO Battery Pro

Here is another free app that comes with advanced features to ensure your battery life is long enough to keep you from charging and recharging all day long. Go Battery Pro will let you listen to music, watch videos, and enjoy movies without worrying about the battery. There are many other interesting features to enjoy with this app, like toggle control, smart saving, power testing, system junk cleaning, charge boost, daily power consumption reports, and more! 


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