6 Best Sleep Apps For iPhone And Android

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Last Updated on February 25, 2021

Falling asleep can be a real challenge, which requires us to seek help from professionals and sleep apps before we end up in an endless loop of insomnia, headaches, and low-quality life.  Did you know that 1 in 3 adults can’t get enough hours of sleep every night? If you are suffering from this issue, don’t wait around till it “heals” itself. Instead, go to doctors and invest in sleep apps that many claimed to be efficient. These sleep apps are specifically designed to calm our nerves, soothe our minds, and help us go to the land of sheep quickly. So, are you ready to rest? Here are the 6 best sleep apps for Android and iPhone.

1. Relax Melodies

This is a free sleep app for both iPhone and Android with a community of 35 million users. Relax Melodies can help you a full night of sleep by providing relaxing sounds, the music of nature, and a combination of melodies -You can customize it yourself. There are also many mindfulness meditation guides that you can add to the combination for a guaranteed night of rest. The sounds are not limited to the app, and you can add songs from your music library for the most incredible, soothing experience.

2. Sleep Cycle

It’s like your alarm clock, but smarter! Sleep Cycle is a sleep app that can track your sleep and ensure you wake up at the lightest phase of your sleep to keep you from feeling groggy or grumpy. Choose your wake-up time, and during the night, the built-in microphone will pick up your movements, the app will analyze the data to determine which sleeping state are you in, then wake you up within a 30-minute window that you picked. It’s free for both iPhone and Android! 

3. Recolor

Here is another free sleep app that is also considered one of the best sleep apps out there: Recolor. From the name, you can guess it’s a coloring book in an app-sized package to not only help you sleep but also take care of the main reason why you can’t sleep.


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