5 Security Settings You Should Enable On Your Android Phone


Last Updated on February 28, 2021

Technology may be a great thing, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. From sketchy App permissions to using public Wi-Fi, there are so many ways you can get your private information out there for anyone to see or even steal without being aware of anything. Thankfully, if you clicked on this article, there’s a high chance you care about your privacy and want to make sure your Android device is safe to use. So without any more further ado, let’s check out the main Android security settings you should enable on your phone right now!

1.Use a passcode!

Most people don’t use passcodes because they feel like they got nothing to hide, but the thing is, using a passcode on your phone goes beyond protecting your phone against curious people that just want to check your texts or photos gallery. It protects you from having someone else stealing your identity or spending your money through credit cards you may have associated with certain apps or even your Google account. All you need to do is open the app settings on your phone and then go to the lock screen or screen lock option. Many options will appear. You can either choose a PIN with numbers, a password containing letters and numbers, or a Pattern, which is almost like a drawing. All of these are valid, but we recommend staying away from Pattern locks because they’re easier to figure out, plus, a PIN shouldn’t also be 1234 or 0000 since these are such common and weak combinations. A good password or PIN should be something that you know you can remember (not too complicated) but also something that nobody else knows about you. It can be your date of birth out of order, your favorite meal, or even some type of gibberish. Nowadays, fingerprint unlock or facial recognition method has become more used than passwords because it’s simpler and takes one second to unblock your phone, but again, even if you’re asleep and someone wants to unlock your phone, all they need to do is to place it in front of you and they will have access to your unblocked phone, that’s just something for you to think about!


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