7 Amazing Tech Hacks That You Should Know About


Last Updated on December 24, 2020

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Technological progress has changed and continues to change our world for the better. We don’t have to go back that many years to understand the excellent impact technology has had on our lives.

Just think for a brief moment about all the things that a simple device that fits in your back pocket allows you to do – cell phones.

Phones aren’t just phones anymore. They are a smart tool that makes our lives easier and gives us access to all kinds of information and people in a matter of seconds.

But you probably are aware of all this already. What you may not be familiar with is some of the so-called tech hacks that we are about to tell you. Perhaps a couple of them might come in handy the next time you use an electronic device.

Here are 7 top tech hacks that you will wish you knew before!

1. Improve Your Phone Speakers

Creating a DIY phone speaker from cardboard tubes such as Pringle’s cans or an empty toilet paper roll is probably one of the most popular phone hacks there is. But it is so great that we need to mention it for the few of you who never heard about it. Here’s how you can build your speakers:

– Grab a Pringle’s can, paper roll, plastic bottle, or anything that is shaped like a tube and can fit your smartphone;
– Cut out a hole that fits your Smartphone but is tight enough to keep it in a standing position;
– Put your Smartphone inside the hole with its speakers facing the tube;

If you don’t want to have all this work, grab a clean, dry cup or bowl and place your Smartphone inside with the speakers turned downward. The cup will amplify the sound coming from the speakers, so you can enjoy and dance to your loud music.

2. Use Your Smartphone To Check If Your Remote Control Is Working

You know that moment when you are trying to switch the channel on your TV and nothing happens? So you press harder, you point the remote in every direction, but nothing seems to work. You are officially stuck with Disney Channel.

If you don’t want to remove the remote control batteries and put them in another device to check if they are still working, there’s something else you can do.

Garb your Smartphone, open the default camera phone app, point the lens at the remote, and check if a bright light appears when you press a random button. If it does, the problem is probably not related to the remote. If it doesn’t, it’s time to replace the batteries.

3. Create A Routine For Your Virtual Assistant

If the first thing you say as soon as you wake up is “Alexa, turn on the lights,” this tip is definitely for you. You can set your virtual assistant to perform a series of tasks when you say a single word or a phrase.

For example, you can customize your Alexa to turn on the lights, tell you the weather for the day, turn on the coffeemaker, and play your morning playlist when you say something like: “Alexa, morning routine.” What a time to be alive.

This tip works whether you use Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri. If you are a tech enthusiast that recurs to virtual assistants daily, this is a tech hack you need to try. It will make things so much simpler and automatize your routine even more.

4. Set Up Your Google Account To Delete Your Digital Footprint After You Die

This is a very morbid tech tip, but it is something that you should know about. You can set up your Google account to delete your data after a long period of inactivity – from 3 to 18 months. This includes emails, photos, messages, and all other types of data stored on Google’s servers.

Weird as it may sound, this is a great way to delete the vast majority of your digital footprint after you die.

5. Improve Your Internet Speed

We don’t know how to deal with a slow internet connection anymore. To fully enjoy the potential of the Internet, we need a high-speed, stable connection. There’s nothing more annoying than a Netflix show stuttering every other minute.

Slow internet problems are often caused by interference. This problem tends to occur in densely popular areas, such as areas with a lot of residential buildings.

Modern routers communicate with electronic devices through channels. If all the neighboring wireless networks are using the same channel as you, that channel will become highly congested, and your Wi-Fi signal will suffer and slow down your internet speed.

To boost the Wi-Fi signal, access your router’s administrator interface, and manually change the channel in the Wi-Fi category.

If you are not very tech-savvy, you can search for an in-depth tutorial on the Internet that will tell you exactly what to do, step by step, with pictures.

6. Don’t Waste Your iPhone’s Device Battery

There’s a cool feature in iOS devices (and in most Android phones too) that enables background apps to update and receive new information and notifications automatically.

However, if you want to save your precious battery to make it last the entire day, you should disable it. To do so, go to Settings – General – Background App refresh and turn it off.

7. Take Advantage Of Temporary Email Accounts

If a website or a recently downloaded app requires you to register in their platform, but you are not sure if you want to give them your email, create a fake temporary email. It will allow you to receive confirmation emails, and you ensure that you won’t be getting any spam on your account.

There are plenty of options out there that give you temporary access to a disposable email account: Fake Mail Generator, ThrowAwayEmail, and Guerrilla Mail are some reliable options.


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