6 Basic Tech Skills You Really Should Know


Last Updated on December 23, 2020

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There are beneficial computer skills that help you to become a person with more resources and who knows where to search/find the information needed to make things happen in an easier way.

And we are not referring to the tech skills that allow you to have more knowledge about programming, cryptocurrencies, and business analytics, among other more advanced skills. But rather to the basic computer skills that facilitate your day-to-day tasks.

What are the technology skills everyone should know? This is what we will show you next when presenting you with the top 6 necessary tech skills you really should know.

1. Don’t You Keep Everything You Do On Your Computer Or Smartphone? You Should!

Keeping everything you do on your computer or cell phone in a safe place is something you should do at work and even in your personal life. If you don’t, you risk losing hours of work, memories, and experiences that can never be replaced.

And it is not enough to keep it all in a folder on your computer or smartphone devices, because if these electronic devices break down, how do you recover the information that was there? It is necessary to make a backup of all work, photos, videos, and other content with valuable information.

How to back up everything on your phone and computer? You can do this with the help of the following resources that store your content in the cloud:

• Carbonite: to back up all the information on your computer.

• Install Dropbox, Amazon Prime Photos, Apple iCloud or Google Photos: to backup unlimited high-resolution photos – only Google is free, the rest require a subscription.

• Google Drive: to back up documents. How to back up documents? Use Google Drive and take advantage of the 35 GB of free storage that this feature offers you.

• Evernote: to back up notes and digitalized documents.

As you can see, there are several cloud storage options, and you can even use external disks to store your content. There are no longer any reasons for you to lose your digital content or at least not have it stored in a safe place.

2. Learn To Share Files by Email

Sending documents via email is limited to a maximum of 10 MB. This means that if you want to send heavier documents, you have to do it in other ways. And in that respect, there are some solutions you should follow:

• Dropbox: Allows you to create folders and share them with other users. There you can put all the documents you want so that other people can access and modify them, if necessary.

• Google Drive: With the same operation as Dropbox, Google Drive allows you to share your documents with co-workers or friends. It works for all users who use a Gmail account.

• SendAnywhere: If you need a tool that allows you to share documents with others where you don’t know which phone or computer they are using, then you should install SendAnywhere. It is the best option for these situations because it offers you the guarantee that it works.

3. Know-How to Use Email Appropriately

One of the tech skills you need to know – and one of the most important, is related to how you use your email.

Email is one of the most important works and leisure tools you have at your disposal, as it allows you to communicate and send documents to other people. And you can access your email through your laptop computer, desktop, smartphone, or through different mobile devices.

However, most people do not use email appropriately. How to use email? It’s easy, but you need to be aware of several details, such as:

Type of Font: It is not advisable to use Comic Sans MS as a font for the text of your email, as it takes away all credibility.

The Subject of the Email: It must be short and concise to identify or describe the situation immediately.

Recipients: direct the email to a person and, if necessary, put other people in CC or BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) if you do not want to reveal their private emails. So, if the person clicks reply, he will only respond to you and not to everyone. If he wants to answer everyone, he has the option of reply all.

Signature: You should always sign your emails. In addition to being a question of education and identification, it opens up numerous opportunities in commercial terms.

Attachments: You should not forget the limit of 10 MB and pay attention to the previous point.

4. Knowing How to Search For Information on Search Engines

Most people access Google or another search engine that they find revealing and web search about what they are looking for to find the best answer/information for what they searched for. And this is it. Then he waits for the list of results that Google presents him.

And the truth is that Google returns the results of the search done, with the ten most important results being on the first page. But that is just ten results among thousands of possible answers/information about what motivated your research.

So, if you want to improve your search, you need to give search engines specific information about what you want exactly. And in that respect, there are several search techniques you can use:

• Enclose search terms in quotes.

• Use terms like OR, AND, and the option | to get/compare or add more research information.

• Delete any search results when using the – option (If you want to know about Apple, but don’t want to get results from the iPhone, search for Apple-iPhone).

• Search within a website using the inurl: option (type what you want to search for, add inurl: and the website where you want to search).

• Search for information for a certain period of time with the date range option: (write the date to be searched for, add date range: and the website where you want to do this search).

• Use modifiers together to improve your search results.

5. Use and Abuse Keyboard Shortcuts

There is nothing as fast and effective as your computer’s keyboard shortcuts. There are dozens of them, and they all save you immense time and countless clicks. Bear in mind that on Macs, you will have to use the Command key (CMD), while on other computers, the key to be used is Control (CTRL).

There are several keyword shortcuts that you can use, such as CTRL + C (Copy) and CTRL + V (Paste); CTRL + Z (Do or undo an action); CTRL + T (Open a new tab in the browser); Windows Key + L (Lock the Windows computer before exiting); CTRL + Shift + Power (Lock or suspend the Mac screen).

But one of the most popular and used shortcuts is one that allows you to take a screenshot.

To make a screenshot on windows, you must press the PrtScn (Print Screen) button and then press the Windows Key + PrtScn button to save that screenshot. To know how to use a screenshot on mac, you must press Shift + CMD + 3.

6. Experiment, Experiment, and Experiment!

The best and easy computer skills are the ones we discovered accidentally. And there is so much to discover and learn in a new program or computer functionality, in a navigation browser like Google Chrome or Firefox, in a new work tool and even in the relationship with others and with life itself.

Do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone and try new things, because only then will you be able to evolve. We are always learning every day, and even today, we learn a lot from this text, for example. Don’t shut yourself in and keep experimenting.

These are the top 6 basic tech skills that you really should know and that you should put into practice. Especially because you must keep in mind that if you do something wrong, this is not a sin or error, but a learning experience that will take you to another level of excellence.


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