Top 6 Windows Antivirus You Should Try in 2020!


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Remember when at the beginning of the millennium computers started invading most people’s living rooms, still in a solid and heavy form? And when people began to subscribe to an internet service for the first time?

If you do, you probably also remember how crucial it was to have a decent antivirus software back in the days (Microsoft didn’t provide a built-in antivirus for Windows 95 and Windows XP), especially when everybody was figuring out how that internet “thing” worked.

Nobody thought twice before clicking on a shady link or downloading something from an unknown source.

Nowadays, security software can be even more important since there has been an exponential growth in the number of users, with the vast majority of them storing all kinds of critical data on their smartphones and computers: private photos, bank account, social security information, documents, passwords, and annotations, etc.

The list is endless. However, people are also more aware of the dark side of the Internet. This technological literacy results in people being less exposed when surfing the web, thus making them less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

In any case, having antivirus software installed in your Windows computer is an important first step to keep your device and all its data secure. Here are 6 of the best products available right now.



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