4 Important Bills You Should Never Put On Autopay


Last Updated on December 30, 2020

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There is nothing we appreciate in today’s technology more than the ability to get everything done with our phones only. Basically, we are only a few clicks away from shopping, talking to others, reading hundreds of books, and even paying our bills.

If you are wondering what is AutoPay, then allow us to explain it to you as briefly as we can: It is when your bills get automatically dealt with every month from your budget.

One of the best benefits of autopay is having the freedom of not stressing about your bills anymore. After all, the fewer paper bills we receive, the more secure we will be. But, is auto pay safe?

There are a few things that you can fully trust with autoplay, like your car insurance for example.

But there are many other things that you just need to do by hand in order to reduce any risk of having all your money stolen or your banking information revealed to dangerous people. After all, there isn’t a 100% secure way to pay bills online!

Auto premiums or annual subscriptions


The one downside of autopay is if it hits unexpectedly and your account balance is not at its best. This is what annual subscriptions and auto premiums might do because these bills are infrequent, which makes us forget about them completely.

Out of the blue, you will find your bank account getting hit with a fee because those bills led to overdrawing it. In fact, you may even get charged for those fees without realizing it because you didn’t check your statements. So it’s best to stay safe and not let your autoplay take care of the infrequent bills.

Utility and cable bills


The other bills that should never be put on autopay are the ones that come with different total each month, like your cable bills and utility bills.

These bills are better to be handled manually and with your full awareness because there is always a chance that you are being charged extra. You are the only one who knows if you have been using electricity, for example, a lot or none at all.

The better way to handle these bills are online but with your full awareness; there are many online paying bills methods and apps for bills payment that will do this for you.

Credit card bills


When it comes to credit card bills, there are a few challenges that we may face if we allowed automatic bill pay to take care of it.

Once you activate the automatic bill pay, you have to make sure it is the minimum amount due, and we know that credit card bills may become overwhelming at some point.

You may not even have enough money to pay it every month. So in order not to end up selling your own belongings to pay those bills, keep your credit card bills manual!

Perhaps the auto pay is more convenient, but also, you don’t want to end up with no food in your fridge to eat.



The memberships, subscriptions, and any temporary charges should never be on autopay because why would you pay them when you are not using them?

For instance, if you are signed up for a trial of service that you don’t use anymore, your auto-pay will still take money from your bank account each month. Nothing feels worse than paying for things you don’t use!

The only bills that should be put on auto-pay are the ones that are stable, necessary, and you know should always be paid, like your rent. Also, you have to schedule time every month to check the bills your autopay is taking care of to not end up being overspending.

To automatic withdrawal from checking account, you can contact the company and your bank and ask them to stop the process.

After all, your hard-earned money should not be washed down the drain easily only because your auto-pay can take care of them easily!


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