7 Useful Tips That Will Extend The Life Of Your Car Battery!


In addition to the high initial investment involved in buying a car (many people apply for a loan and are forced into debt), there are also high maintenance and parts replacement costs that can become truly significant depending on how the car is managed.

Not to mention the amount of money spent monthly on gas alone. Owning a car is what people call a “necessary evil” since most of the time we rely on it to commute to work and run every kind of errands and activities (grocery shopping, go for a stroll, visit loved ones, etc.).

One car part that has a very limited lifespan is the battery. Good quality car batteries usually last anywhere between three to five years before they begin to show signs of intense wear (such as slow engine cranks when starting the car, dimmer lights, or if the engine fails to start) that will inevitably lead to their replacement. A new car battery can cost 100$, 300$, or even more depending on your car’s model and year of production.

You can buy used car batteries for cheaper prices, but unless you have the technical knowledge that allows you to identify whether it is in good condition, we recommend buying a new one.

In order to postpone these battery replacement costs for as long as possible, we will give you 7 useful tips that will extend your car battery life.



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