What Places You Should Not Charge Your Phone In


Dear tech-nerds! We are back again with a bouquet of new tips to help you use your modern gadgets more effectively. After spending a respective amount of money on the most expensive cell phone, you definitely don’t want your device to be damaged.

Well, maybe it is time to reconsider how you charge your phone and where you plug it for charging. Even expensive cell phones cannot stand being overused and their batteries can get easily damaged if you don’t be careful as a user.

Cheap cell phone companies themselves produce cellphones that are in a way easily damageable, but if you pay attention to the way you use them, you might keep using them for quite a while.

When you travel, you might end up at the airport, waiting for long hours or in the metro train station waiting for your right line, your phone’s battery will likely go low.

Are you going to be tempted by charging your phone there? Yes, you will, but still, you should not. Here comes the list of 8 places where you should never charge your phone.



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