Top 7 Free And Paid Music Streaming Apps You Need To Try


1. Spotify – The Most Popular Music Streaming Service


Spotify is the most popular and well-known music streaming service everywhere. And this is due to the fact that it offers an extraordinary catalog of recent and older songs to its users – hence it is so appreciated by many people of different age groups.

And the average user can download Spotify and choose between a free service and a paid or premium service.

In the free service, the user is obliged to listen to short advertising breaks; whereas in the paid version, that is, in the Spotify premium version, you only hear the music you like without interruption from ads (and you can listen to your playlists online or download songs and listen offline).

How much does Spotify Premium cost? In the first 30 days, Spotify Premium is free, allowing you to explore all the options that can be found there, such as all the songs of your favorite artists and bands, curated radio stations, podcasts and other types of interesting content.

After that period, Spotify premium cost is $ 9.99 – $ 14.99 per month.


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