This Is How Your Cellphone Can Cause Cancer


How many people around you were diagnosed with cancer? How many of them are still around you? Probably not too many! Cancer is the present era’s plague. Annually, thousands of people from around the globe die of cancer, often, at a late stage.

The thing that should be known about cancer is that the latter is the kind of disease which develops silently in your body. If no regular checkups are made as a part of your health care routine, you’d realize that you have cancer at a late stage.

Like some other diseases, having a cancer diagnosis test at an early stage increases the patients’ recovery chances. But how many of them do abide by this rule anyway? The first diagnosis of cancer gives the opportunity for doctors to react quickly and save the lives of their patients.

Some of our daily habits make things even worse for us like carrying 24/7 our cool tech devices, especially phones. Let us see how cancer risk increases when using the so-called best smartphones (surely not best for health!)

Sleeping with your cellphone close to you

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We are not going to embarrass you by asking you about how many times do you fall asleep with your phone in hand because this happens a lot and to many people other than you. But this habit should be from now on eradicated, for it increases cancer risk.

Some folks are too attached to their phones to the extent of putting them under their pillows. We do understand that they waited for so long to get their hands on the best smartphones deals.

The culprit of phones is that they release a sort of electromagnetic radiation when they are switched on. The exposure to this radiation causes cancer. Besides, the blue light would disrupt your sleep cycle (sleeping pills will not do you any good).

Keeping the cellphone close to the body

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Life technologies seem to be shortening even further your lifespan. The effects of using and keeping your smart gadget close to your body are not confined to spoiling your healthy sleep habits. Things can be as worse as getting cancer.

The cancer risk factors are given a boost when keeping cellphones close to the body. The latter absorbs the released signals by your smart Nokia, Apple, LG, Samsung, or Huawei gadget.

If you make sure your cellphone is placed at a distance from the body, you will decrease your exposure to those signals and, there, cancer risk will scale back off. Putting your phone in the back pocket is a normal thing we all do, but maybe, it is time to stop.


Giving tech devices to kids


In order to distract their kids and keep them busy, some mummies would give their phones to their little ones. The recent technology news, as always, reveal that kids are greater users in number than adults themselves.

The new inventions are no toys to be given to kids. Technology for kids is pretty harmful, in the sense that the brains of the little ones are still in progress, and their skulls are too thin to hinder the breakthrough of phone radiation and prevent it from accessing the brain.

All technological devices must be kept at bay from kids. Buy them toys or puppies instead to keep them busy, doing something useful.

Opting for cellular when the signal is bad


Look at your phone display; is the indicated signal weak? Well, this probably means that your phone is exerting its top efforts to provide the strongest signal possible.

The increase and strength of the signals imply the great, massive effects of electromagnetic radiation on your body (such effects would be probably doubled if the smart gadgets are kept under the pillows or at close range from your body).

Experts recommend the use of landlines and speakerphones. Upon reading this, you would realize that the past along with the recent inventions are all double-edged tools. If you don’t use the right side, you’d get hurt.


Placing the keypad turned in the opposite side


We become all excited when we hear of offers and deals that include sales of cheap smartphones and other interesting inventions produced by techno-giants, like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and the likes, around the world.

The offers and deals release means that there is a lot coming on the way as far as information technology is concerned. Sadly, we often fall as preys of our unwise use of such interesting inventions such as phones.

In fact, if you place your phone in your pocket on its back and turn the keypad away, more of the emitted radiation will be absorbed by your body. The exposure to extra radiation equals increased cancer risk. You’d probably realize this after getting a cancer diagnosis at a late stage.

Receiving or making long phone calls


The use of smartphones at work is for some people inevitable. This is simply because their jobs’ tasks and assignments are based on the use of cellphones for a long time.

Imagine that you are a dispatcher, a conference or event-organizer or even a manager’s secretary, you’d likely spend hours and hours, making and receiving long calls.

The longer calls can be, the more radiation your skin can absorb. Since the use of the best smartphones for work is inescapable in your case, you could use the phone speaker option or a landline.

Not switching sides when speaking on the phone


For some people, it is hard to walk into a popular electronics store, like the Apple Store, and come out empty-handed. The assistive technology devices, the sophisticated techno-gadgets, and the latest and new technology inventions look all like stars that fell off the sky; hard to resist and not buy!

It is okay to give in to the temptation once in a lifetime and buy when needed, your favorite cellphone. But you need to make sure you will use it properly, otherwise, your health is to be affected.

For instance, don’t hold your phone on one side when making or receiving calls, otherwise, one side of your brain will be subject to a great amount of radiation. You can manipulate the spread of the emitted radiation by switching sides.

Ignoring texting

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Instead of making calls and talking for long hours, you could text. We know! Texting is a bit troublesome; it requires all the writing, explaining and forming ideas. Talking on the phone sounds easier and better in delivering the intended message.

But if you want to decrease the chances of getting cancer, you’d better give those vocal cords of yours a break! How would you exactly prevent cancer through this? By merely texting instead of calling.
The exposure of your body to radiation will, therefore, decrease. This way you’d shield your health, in general, and brain, in particular from the risk of cancer.

Well, here we arrive at the end of our article but never to the end of tips regarding how to use technological devices safely and properly. If you have any additional tips, feel free to share them below in the comments!

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