This Is How You Can Find Out Who Is Tracking Your Smartphone


Know if Messages/ Calls Are Being Diverted and Switch Off Redirection



When people tap your phone, they are mostly behind listening to your phone calls and reading your texts.

Often times, they do that by diverting your calls and messages from your phone to a second destination in which the can be recorded. Fortunately, there is a way to tell if your phone is being tapped in this manner.

This is how to tell if your phone is bugged: dial *#21# on your dialing pad and you will be given access to a screen in which there will be displayed all kinds of information, such as the different types of diversions to which your phone is subject as well as the number to which the information is being transferred.

You can also use *#62# find out where exactly your phones are being redirected if you stopped receiving calls on your phone.

Moreover, if you want to turn off all kinds of redirection that your phone might be subject to, you can use the following code: ##002#. This code will allow you to save money on roaming if you’re in another country.


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