The 9 Dangerous Things Happening To Your Body When Using Phones 24/7


One of the most common things said about technology is that it is a double-edged weapon. In other words, tech has its good and bad sides. It is up to the users to decide the way they use their modern gadgets.

Don’t expect someone to keep you under watch and control your daily use of your device unless you are a child. As you are an adult, it is your responsibility to limit your tech devices’ use.

It is true that technology has served humans in remarkable ways. Things like smart home technology, robot technology, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence were just dreams few decades ago. But they have become lived realities.

Technology does not confine its industry to making only top smartphones, like Apple iPhone 5, iPhone z, or Samsung foldable smartphone with a flexible display. However, cellphones are on the most consumed and used tech devices internationally.

You may not be quite aware of the multiple effects you may encounter when using your device 24/7. You might think that only your hands are engaged in the process of using your device, but you are wrong. Your whole body is actually affected. Read to discover the 9 effects of overusing your device.


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