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#2 – Hidden Features


Unless you read your phone’s user manual and every patch note after your operative system is updated, you are probably not aware of some of its handy features.

We have put together in a list those that we consider being some of the most useful ones for Android users. Take into consideration the fact that, again, a few might not work on your phone because of your Android version.

1. Picture in Picture
Most recent televisions have this PIP (Picture in Picture) option. And since Android 7.0 so does your phone. It makes perfect sense given that screen size has increased considerably in the last few years.
By using a split screen, now you can watch your videos while browsing social media, answer an email while doing research on your browser, or any other multitask combination.

2. Increase text size
If you’re getting old and your eyes don’t work as well as they used to, you will be glad you can do this. Go to: the settings –display – font size and choose the most comfortable size for you.

3. Silencing phone call
How many times have you receive a call in an inopportune time, or you simply didn’t feel like answering the phone? Hanging might be a bit rude, and letting the phone ring for long seconds might be inconvenient. In these situations, you can just press the lock button once and it will silence the phone call. How useful is that?

4. Switching apps
You can quickly switch between recently used apps by double-clicking the “overview” button: the square icon below most Android phone’s screen.

5. Default apps
You can choose what app you want to use by default for everything: browsing, texting, multimedia consumption, calls, etc. To do this go to settings – apps – default apps and chose what specific app you want to utilize in the given situations.

6. Customize status bar
Your phone’s status bar is usually located at the top of the screen and displays useful information such as battery percentage, hour, signal, as well as the various app notifications. There’s a “status bar” option in your phone’s settings that allow you to change a few things to your liking.


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