Is Your Smartphone Overheating? Here Are 6 Things You Can Do


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All electronic devices generate heat. The amount of heat generated depends almost exclusively on the power input and other energy interactions.

Therefore, some more powerful electronics such as laptops and smartphone devices need an advanced thermal management system to improve their reliability and prevent damage to their internal components. But things can still go wrong, and you may end up with a broken phone.

Overheating is one of the most common smartphone problems, and it can noticeably decrease battery life or even cause critical damage to other essential components. It will also result in a loss of performance. And nobody likes to hold a hot phone while watching a YouTube video, right? Especially if the video keeps stuttering every five seconds.

Three distinct reasons can cause these overheating problems. Let’s see what they are and how you can stop your phone from overheating.
Why is your phone overheating?

Hot weather: a lot of users notice that their smartphones reach scorching temperatures during the summer. Although this is expected, especially when the smartphone is under direct sunlight for an extended period, it doesn’t mean that it should happen.

Your smartphone will absorb and retain the heat from the sun, thus getting hotter and hotter, the longer it remains exposed.

Be careful where you put down your smartphone when you are outside enjoying your summer. Outside temperatures can damage its internal components even if the smartphone is lying down on a table, and you are not using it.

Heavy workload: when your smartphone takes on a heavy workload (like gaming, for example), it generates a lot of heat to deliver the necessary power to perform such a demanding task.

In some cases, the amount of heat is so high that the thermal management system can no longer dissipate it properly. To overcome this problem, your smartphone will dump performance to keep its temperature at appropriate levels. This mechanism is called thermal throttling.

If you have an old smartphone or a very cheap one, it may get extremely hot when performing specific simple tasks. Even flagship models can get very hot when you play games for a very long time, or when you use it under certain conditions.

Malware: is your phone getting hot while just sitting in your pocket? Well, we have some bad news for you. This is often a sign that a smartphone has been infected with malicious software.

Some pieces of malware are designed to perform tasks on the background that push the smartphone’s processor to the limit and cause it to overheat. It’s essentially a “heavy workload” situation like we have mentioned in the previous point, only this time is being caused by a tech virus.

How to prevent the phone from overheating?



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