Here Is How To Balance Your Children’s Phone Use


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Cell phones have come to revolutionize the way we live – in a span of 10 years, we have gone from having a different electronic device for each purpose, and now we basically have everything in our pocket-sized universe. The use of technology changed hugely – we have cameras, alarm clocks, smartphones, mp3 players, video cameras, internet, and GPS all in one device.

And, of course, it has made our lives way easier, but it has also changed some aspects for the worst. Because cell phones have so much to offer, we are now more than ever prone to cell phone addiction.

This isn’t a problem that happens just to us – having kids that were born during the cell phone age means that they were practically born with a screen in their hands.

And of course, smartphone devices have a lot to offer, the screen time can be divided between video games, watching videos and social media– there are so many options that the question “how are cell phones distracting?” is kind of pointless; they are distracting because they have a whole world inside them.

Cell phones can be an asset, but they can also turn into an addiction, and when it comes to kids, parents are the ones who need to impose boundaries, so it is always good to know when to limit your kid’s technology use.

It is up to you to decide how much time your kids should use their phones, but we bring you four tips on how to limit your kid’s cell phone use.



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