Here Are The 8 Effective 2019-Antivirus Apps For Android


You must have heard of a recent, hacking operation to which the private Twitter account of Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey was subject. Hackers breached the privacy of the original user to send out their message.

The hacking did not take more than just 30 minutes, but it was all the time needed by the hackers to arrive at their ends. Can you imagine that an account of an important figure in a known technology and social media company was hacked?

What would you do then about your phone security? In recent decades, mobile device security and data protection have become global concerns in light of the alarming cybercrime reports.

Countries have their own data protection acts and data protection laws, but how about individuals? The danger posed by hackers is not just that your data will be all over the WWW, it is also about the fact that your personal data can be used against you and in the dark world of crime.

If you have an Android-operating device, then you must install the best antivirus apps for Android. Let us find out about these antivirus apps!

Bitdefender Mobile Security

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Amid the progressive advent of information technology, more types of cybercrime emerged, and hackers developed their own army of viruses to attack all sorts of modern and new tech gadgets.

In parallel with this, the experts of the field are obsessed with one big question which is: how to prevent cybercrime? As a user of Android-operating phones, you could use install an antivirus app like Bitdefender Mobile Security app.

This application provides users with A VPN which is secured, wipe and lock capabilities remotely. This is useful in the event of having your device stolen or lost. This app can be used on all types of Android phones to preserve your private information from thieves.

Kaspersky Internet Security

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Instead of being hunted down by questions like ‘has my phone been hacked ?’ or ‘OMG! What if someone steals my private life online?’, you could simply download any antivirus app to protect your phone from malware attacks and real thieves.

You could try Kaspersky Internet Security which, despite some allegations against the mother-company, offers its users a bouquet of anti-malware features to shield their mobile devices.

In fact, thanks to Kaspersky, you could secure Android phone and displace your device in case it is stolen or lost. To put an end to receiving spyware messages, Kaspersky Internet Security is the best antivirus app.


AVG Antivirus

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Plenty of phone security apps are put for consumption in the techno-market. But you need to be quite careful when picking the right antivirus app for Android devices. Softwares like AVG Antivirus are also pretty handy.

There is even a free version of this antivirus which enables you to shield your Android devices from spyware, malware and viruses attacks. The AVG Antivirus app offers also features like a secure VPN and an app block plus a call-blocking feature.

If any unauthorized user tries to break into your device, there is a camera trap which would capture the identity of the user. The app comes also with a phone-tracker-feature to locate your lost or stolen device.

Trend Micro Mobile Security


It must be noted that cell phone privacy and mobile security are top priorities of techno-developers and companies. After the recent hacking of the Blue Bird’s CEO’s Twitter account, your personal information on social media platforms is not really safe.

Hackers don’t think much about how to hack a phone; they just launch their virtual hunters and see the coming up preys.

This is serious; in case your Facebook or Instagram account is hacked and publishes something like a speech of hate or a message of racism, inviting people to commit an atrocity, you will end up in jail.

If you cannot prove your innocence, you will stink in there, so be careful. The Trend Micro Mobile Security is the best antivirus app for Android devices and social media users. Thanks to this app, your phone resources are safer.

Avast Free Antivirus

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Technology has made hand in hand with artificial intelligence great progress. Giants of the field introduce the world every now and then to more unbelievable devices and inventions.

This is not something to escape easily the notice of hackers; they come up with their defense and breach tactics too. Therefore, the protection of the stored data on modern gadgets is becoming more and more challenging.

But you still can try apps for your Android device protection like Avast mobile security app. In fact, Avast Free Antivirus can serve the purposes of blocking unwanted calls and spam plus keeping Trojans, spyware, and malware at bay.

If you are in a coffee shop and in need of being connected to their Wi-Fi connection, the app can help you connect to safer networks.


McAfee Mobile Security


The protection of your new galaxy’ data can be achieved through installing an effective mobile security app. In the tech-market, there is more than just a single best mobile security app, so it is up to you to pick the one you consider as pretty convenient.

If you are using an Android-operating device, try to install McAfee Mobile Security application. The latter can run scans deeply and quickly. You can safely surf the net without being worried about any malicious websites.

Even when you download new apps, they are first subject to scans run by McAfee Mobile Security app. The files and attachments are also deeply and automatically scanned.

Norton Mobile Security


You must have heard of Norton Mobile Security, have not you? There is an app which can be installed on Android-operating devices. Once it is downloaded on the device, you could benefit from highly qualified malware protection.

When connecting to any nearby Wi-Fi network, the application assesses the safety of the network. In case you lose your phone, or someone steals it from you, you could use the anti-theft capabilities that comes with the application.

A very nice and handy feature of Norton Mobile Security app is the provided Privacy Report and Security Advisor. This way you would be up-to-date with how your personal data is doing.

Sophos Mobile Security

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Whether you have the most expensive cell phone or the cheapest smartphone, you still can install Sophos Mobile Security app as long as you have an Android operating system. You can get the application for free in order to be provided with the antivirus protection services.

The most enthralling thing about Sophos Mobile Security app is that it is designed for Android. If you wish unwanted and malicious programs to be uncovered or want the multi-factor authentications to be managed, all that is needed is the installation of Sophos Mobile Security app on your device.

The app is equipped with anti-theft capabilities through which the wiping and locking of a stolen or lost device are made possible.

What do you know about cybersecurity? Can the techno-world reach a level of 100% security, pushing hackers and virtual thieves off their track?

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