Easy Steps to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number!


1. Clue number one: Unusual Messages When You Call


You have probably called someone who had their phone turned off or that had the “do not disturb mode” on, and you got the same messages everyone gets in those cases. And even though there is no specific message from when someone blocks your number, the message will probably be different than the usual ones.

So, try to call them, and if the message doesn’t sound familiar, that might mean that you were blocked, and it is even more likely that they used their wireless carrier to do so. The carrier they used will determine the message you get, but below, you can find some examples:

“The number that you’re calling is not available.”
“The number that you’re calling is not accepting calls.”
“The number that you’re calling is out of service.”
If you have been trying to call them for more than a couple of days and you keep getting the same message, that probably means you were blocked


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