6 Things You Do That Could Easily Damage Your Smartphone!


1. Malware


It is relatively easy to keep your smartphone away from malicious software. Just download apps exclusively from the official stores (Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store) and make sure you don’t mess up while browsing the web.

Official stores analyze all the apps before accepting them into the platform and making them available for hundreds of millions of users to download – so it is almost impossible for any malware to sneak in.

However, there are people that for some reason need to install apps that aren’t available on these app stores.

If that is your case, make sure you do proper research on what you are about to download before you do it. To add an extra layer of protection to your smartphone you can also install an anti-malware app such as Bitdefender or Malwarebytes. We have to remind you that your smartphone stores confidential information about you and can be used to track your location in real-time. So… stay safe.


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