10 Smartphone Features You Should Start Using Right Now!


Your smartphone is probably the personal object you use the most throughout your day. According to a projection made by eMarketer and published earlier this year, the average adult in the United States will almost spend 3 hours a day looking at a smartphone screen in 2019 – 2 hours and 55 minutes to be more precise, which represents a 9-minute increase in comparison to 2018.

But this projection tells us nothing about how people are using their smartphones, neither if they’re using them to its full potential. In fact, most people are completely unaware of some very useful features their cell phones have.

Developers and designers work countless hours to implement and improve smartphone functionalities in order to make our lives easier in different ways. Let’s give them some love and learn how to use some of these unheard functionalities.

Here are some smartphone features that you may not be using yet!



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