This is a List 6 Tips You Need to Learn to Avoid Digital Burnout


Simply put digital burnout is an emotional reaction caused by using digital technology for long periods of time. It usually characterized by fatigue and stress. It seems, therefore, that your digital life could be your undoing.

Your excessive use of social media and other digital resources takes a toll on your mental health, which means that you need to learn how to avoid burnout.

We have written this article to help you avoid and overcome burnout. Take the following as tips on how to deal with burnout. However, they will also help you avoid falling into the trap of burnout. The tips start by urging you to opt-out of any unnecessary information and end by a call for decluttering.

Read through till the end to learn in detail about the 6 tips that will help you avoid digital burnout. Also: do share the article with your close friends and family. They might need it!

Opt-out of Some Information


As information comes in abundant quantities in this new age, the age of technology, it has become impossible to sort through all of it and be up-to-date about everything. One that tries to achieve full knowledge will end up suffering from burnout, which is very counterintuitive.

To avoid any of that, we urge you to perform a series of cleanings to your social media sites and your newsletter, removing anything that is not of real interest to you. Moreover, you need to unsubscribe from those services that are plaguing your email inbox.

Another thing to do is to surround yourself with a few high-quality websites that you can access during the day and learn valuable things in reasonable quantities.


Decrease Time Spent Online


The internet is not going anywhere sometime soon. It was built to last and there are numerous failsafes ensuring that. If you stay online all the time, you will surely find something to do that will waste your time and eventually cause you to suffer from digital burnout.

Therefore, it is imperative that you limit the time you spend online. For example, you can limit your use of social media apps to 1 hour each day, check your email only twice throughout the day, and disconnect completely after 8 p.m.

in the evening from Facebook and WhatsApp. You can also come up with your own ways on how to decrease the time you spend online.

Get a Life Offline

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That is to say, organize your life in a way that makes it a little hard for you to reach for your phone or your computer and waste time.

If you do this, you won’t even know what burnout is! Go out with friends more often; hit the gym for an hour or two every day; make a monthly reading list and finish all the books; and go to social events and try to make new friends.

Of course, you can think of other things to do, but you get the idea behind this tip: avoid making the internet your life; make your own life the sole life there is!

Opt-out of Social Media

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During the last 10 years, smartphones have become a staple in our lives, making our access to a lot of services an immediate one—social media apps enjoy the lion’s share of that access.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, and the list goes on and on… All of these services provide little value to our lives and do nothing but waste time. Moreover, it is overwhelming to follow up on all the updates that appear on these apps.

Take some time to assess your use of these digital media services, decide on the one that provides you with some value, and delete all the rest.


Remove Push Notifications

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They will not allow you a minute to take your breath if you keep them on. App developers have long awakened to the necessity of including push notifications in their mobile apps.

They have found that they increase user engagement, which means that they are not going away anytime soon. You have Android push notifications, push notifications on the iPhone, Facebook push

notifications, and any other app you can imagine. If you keep them on, you will always be tempted to reach for your phone and use it, either to check the latest news, reply to an email, or prolog that unproductive conversation on WhatsApp.



Finally, we reach the declutter tip! How to cure burnout means that you need to learn how to declutter. The process takes some time, but it is very straightforward.

Take some time and start with decluttering your bookmark: go through them and remove anything that you don’t need or does not function anymore. Now move to your desktop shortcuts and remove the shortcut to any application that you no longer use; it will be much better on your eyes.

After that, you need to move to your phone and uninstall any app that you’ve long stopped using. Finally, sort your files into folders, delete unnecessary ones, and do the same thing to your email inbox.

You should treat these tips as health tips, because digital burnout affects, first and foremost, your health. It is very important that you limit your use of technology; otherwise, you can suffer gravely. Technology should be a means and never an end. So stay safe!

Before you go, tell us in the comments below whether you’ve ever suffered from digital burnout. If so, how did you fight it?

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