Here Are 10 Unbelievable Inventions In 2019


Have you checked the technology news recently? Was there anything like a new invention that startled you? In 2019, the field of information technology and artificial intelligence made great progress which is beyond than just Alexa or Sofia invention.

In fact, this year unveiled that we are on our way to make science-fiction Hollywood movies on highly advanced cities a reality. The recent inventions reflect the efforts exerted by the techno-giants’ manufacturers to introduce the world to the most interesting electronic and electrical inventions.

While you are sitting on your couch and watching your favorite Jimmy Show, new technology inventions are being made in the back scenes.

Every minute and second matter in the techno-industry, for they equal the revision of very meticulous details that would make some of the new technology inventions as the best life technologies ever.

Apple, Samsung and more of the likes take all risks to amaze the users and consumers. So are you ready to be astonished by a list of inventions considered as the best in 2019?!

Xbox adaptive controller

©The Verge

Few decades ago, the world was amazed by Thomas Edison inventions. Truth to be told, thanks to him, all the new, interesting inventions are being made. But if his inventions are compared with the present ones, you’d be startled by the striking differences.

Among the best inventions of 2019, we could cite the xbox adaptive controller. If you have any condition that limits your hands’ and arms’ mobility, you could try this Microsoft-developed adaptive controller to enjoy playing the best Xbox one games. In fact, the Xbox games become more inclusive and, therefore, more interesting.

Gravity blankets


Admittedly, the appellation of these blankets gives the impression that the product is mainly used by space folks and astronauts, which is not exactly correct. The gravity blankets are specifically made as a therapeutic tool to help out patients who are diagnosed with anxiety.

This is getting deeper and more interesting, right? You should check the gravity blankets reviews to have a clearer idea. Anxiety therapy is not the only service provided by this blanket; it can also help you manage your sleep issues better than ZZZ pills. The blanket is 10 % of the human body weight.


Harry Potter Kano coding kit


Good inventions know no stop! Their appellations are the first catchy thing that would motivate anyone to dig for more on new techno-gadgets such as the kano harry potter coding kit! Look at this new invention that gives you the impression that you are about to join the Harry Potter movies.

This is the best invention for kids to try wizards’ like tricks with the features of magical feats in the real world. This is all thanks to the power coding. Try the harry potter kano coding kit; if you are not sure, you can still read more about this recent invention’s reviews.

The mirror


The Mirror is not the kind of inventions found in a random electronics store. This is one of the most special newly invented machines. If you are willing to lose extra weight and build a fit, strong body, the Mirror invention is here for help.

This invention provides a streaming service of workouts to take your fitness goals to the next level. The interesting thing about the Mirror invention is that you don’t have to go to the gym; you can work out at home comfortably. The interactive feature of this invention makes the latter among the best worldwide technology in 2019.



Are you struggling with any bad habits that are believed to affect your health harmfully? HabitAware is the invention that will assist you in getting rid of any habits you have. It, in fact, helps you keep your habits under control.

If you keep unintentionally pulling your hair, sucking your thumb, biting your nails or picking your skin, the HabitAware invention will help you realize these wrong behaviors by sending vibrations to the brain to interrupt the patterns of such habits.

This invention could be another tool, embodying the advent of (AI) artificial intelligence. You may have to download the HabitAware app to connect you to your smart bracelet.

Solar charged jacket


The most interesting thing about techno-inventions is that they, at least most of them, respond to the humans’ need. The solar charged jacket is another illustrating example of this.

The jacket seems more like one of the future inventions, while it is a part of the present, new techno-reality. The manufacturer of this smart jacket is Vollebak, which is a sports gear start-up based in the UK.

Vollebak might have been inspired by the use of renewable energy to make this amazing sports and night-running jacket that would keep you warm. The light of the day is absorbed by this jacket to facilitate the release of kryptonite green energy.


Thor ET-One

©Time Magazine

Clearly, this invention reminds us of the famous Thor movie, but its outside appearance makes look like something we would likely see in Iron Man, don’t you agree? For decades, Tesla has been known to the public as the top manufacturer of electric semi-trucks.

But Thor has joined the market for years now. The manufacturer added all the needed features to make this ET-One electric semi-truck look like a tiger on the roads.

This truck, which is one of the best electrical inventions, can carry up to 36,000 kilos. If you have watched Transformers, you could definitely draw a link. Thor-ET One is a green mark in the semi-truck industry.

Philips Somneo


We do realize that waking up in the morning is more like torture for some among you. In fact, we would dare to say that the alarm clocks’ sound is the most hated sound of every year. Eventually, you have to get off the bed anyway and get to work on time, right?

But what would help you wake up easily and actively? Philips has introduced a tool named Somneo which would assist you in having better sleep and enjoying an energetic morning walking up without the bombarding sounds of alarm clocks. This new Philips invention is equipped with a sunrise assimilation feature. The entire invention is impressive.

Room One


You can call this creepy or crazy, but more offices’ workers are into the privacy of the Room One invention. For people who are distracted and bombarded by the noise and sounds found in open working spaces, Room One is the solution.

This is a soundproof room for work. If your concentration levels spike in quiet places, your work productivity will likely go high as well.

Your flow of inspirational thoughts will not be disturbed by the noise of open-space office if you have your own Room One private office. This is a new office design concept that may soon join the business offices around the globe.

Gravity jet suit


Would you like to enjoy a gravity ride like astronauts? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be aboard any spaceship or space-traveling rocket. All that is needed is the Gravity jet suit.

If you the chance to put on such a suit, you’d look more like a character in Robocop or Avengers movie. Gravity jet suit is also one of the recent inventions with a system of 1,050 horsepower. It is unbelievable, right?

This invention comes with 5 mini jet engines to make the flying realty even more interesting. This may be the first step toward welcoming a new concept of means of transportation.

Which one of the abovementioned invention startled you the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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