4 Refurbished Tech Gadgets You Can Buy, And 3 You Cannot (Or Shouldn’t)


Truth be told, it’s 2019 and second hand is the new black. When we become self-aware of the impact we are having on the planet, we also gain a new conscience when it comes to waste production and making new things – clothes, furniture, and even second-hand gadgets.

When it comes to refurbished electronics, it can be a great option, and it is, for example, the best way to buy a smartphone without a contract. But what is the meaning of refurbished?

Basically, this refers to gadgets that are in perfect conditions but that have been repaired or the ones that wore exposed at the store and can’t be sold as new.

They go through a thorough inspection before being put up for sale, and the truth is you can find some good deals on useful gadgets since it’s the same device for a smaller price. Be careful though, and try to get it from the manufacturer at all times.

But, like everything, there are great deals and there is the opposite. We bring you 4 refurbished gadgets that you can buy and 3 you should avoid at all costs.



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