Top 7 Ways to Prevent Your Phone from Tracking You!


Is your phone really tracking you? Yes, That’s Right!


Your smartphone can show other people where you are, what you are doing at the moment, your interests and routines and many other personal information. And this information can both be used for good, namely to assist in carrying out day-to-day tasks; or for evil, since thieves are always on the prowl in order to benefit from it.

When opening the weather application on your mobile device, does it not show you the temperatures that will be felt in your city in the next few days?

Have you ever lost your way on a road trip and accessed Google Maps to show you the best way to get to your destination? Ever posted on Facebook with your location or found ads for products that you searched for? It looks like phone spying but is known as artificial intelligence.

These examples make the systems better understand your habits and interests and help you in carrying out any type of tasks – data that are increasingly exploited for the purposes of marketing and service offerings.


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