This Is How To Use Google Maps App Like A Pro!


Google’s navigation app is a modern wonder of the world and has forever changed the way we travel, commute, and move within a city.

Those who still remember life before smartphones know what it is like to have to print directions and having to rely on the copilot skills to properly read a physical map and provide correct direction instructions to the driver.

That was definitely not the best way to get directions. Nowadays, we dare to say that Google Maps is almost on every smartphone out there, making life easier for hundreds of millions of people.

It allows you to get from point A to point B(with a quick stop at point C and D) the fastest or cheapest way, provides real-time traffic information, public transportation schedules, speed limit warnings, and even lets you know if your destination is closed at the estimated time of arrival – which is extremely helpful if you need to stop by a store after work, for example.

Despite the vast complexity of this tool, most people use it in a very basic way: they simply search their destination and select the means of transport. In this article, we will give you 6 Google maps tips and tricks so you can start using some of its somewhat “hidden” features.



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