Here Is How To Remotely Watch Movies With Friends!


2. Metastream


Another way through which you can watch movies at the same time along with your friends is through using Metastream—the name alone is suggestive of what it can do!

This app has been created to work with various live streaming services, such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live, and Twitch TV. It is even useful for people who have a Netflix account. This extension is still in beta version, but it was developed for both Firefox and Chrome. Here’s the how to do it:

-Download it, obviously.

-Go to the following URL, “” and type in your name before you click on “Get Started.”

-Afterward, you need to click on “Start Session” once the following screen pops up.

-You will see an “Invite” button; click on it to create a URL that will allow you to invite your friends to a watch party. Once they click on the link, you will see all of their names, and you will get to grant them permission individually by clicking a green checkmark next to their names.

-Next, you can sit back and start enjoying the watch party with your friends.


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