Find out the Top 10 Most Watched TV Channels in the World


You must love to watch TV! You, and everyone in the world, grew up watching TV, and we can all agree that it one of the best experiences that we had as children and as adults. We used to watch TV shows and always look for movies to watch—that was our pastime.

However, with the advent of smartphone, we changed our pastime, from spending time glued to a big box in the living room to being tied by the neck (ouch!) to our smartphones, which we use them for all sorts of activities—chief among which is finding TV shows to watch and sitting back to watch movies in one of our favorite streaming services.

However, all things considered, TVs are not going anywhere—neither are TV channels. Direct TV channels still offer some of the best entertainment experiences and people cannot get enough of them.

They offer some of the best movies to watch and some of them are a staple in terms of giving people their fill of sports events.

If you think that watching TV channels is an outdated experience, think again. Millions of people tune in each day to thousands of TV channels, and in this article, we are going to tell you about the top 10. Therefore, fetch your direct TV channel list (or your TV channels guide) and tune in to one of them.

#10 – Cartoon Network (CN)


Cartoon Network (CN) is a favorite among children! It was first launched in 1992 by Betty Cohen, who served as president of the channel from 1992 to 2001.

Cartoon Network shows have always been popular among children; however, there is a growing consensus that old Cartoon Network cartoons were better than what the channel has to offer children. Nevertheless, children do not seem to get enough of this TV channel.

#9 – AXN


AXN broadcast some great movies to watch every weekend. The owner of this TV channel is the Sony Pictures Entertainment group, and it first came into existence in 1997.

It has now been 22 years since the inception of this TV channel, and it has expanded into many other countries around the world—countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. If you want to watch movies, this channel is the right fit for you!

#8 – Disney Channel


Disney Channel was first established in 1983. At that time, it used to be referred to as The Disney Channel; however, the article was later dropped after 1997. It is one of the most famous American TV channels, and many kids grew up glued to their living room TVs watching Disney Chanel.

They would have the Disney Channel schedule memorized and would sit down to watch their favorite Disney Channel shows or some really awesome Disney Channel movies.

#7 – Star World


Star world belong to a wealth of other Indian TV channels. It was first launched in 1997 by Star TV and was named at first Star Plus. Currently, Star world is jointly owned by both Start TV and Fox International Channels.

It is an English speaking channel, a very famous direct TV Indian channel, and it offers its viewers shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy. Moreover, the channel is watched by people in Pakistan, Nepal, and Taiwan as well.


#6 – BBC Food

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The British Broadcasting Corporation, commonly known as the BBC, is one of the oldest and most famous TV channels in the world. It has always been known for its BBC World News and for the educational BBC documentaries.

However, you might not have known this, but the group has a TV channel dedicated to Food alone—BBC Food. It seems that BBC breaking News is not the only thing that appeals to people.

#5 – Channel V

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Channel V is another Indian TV channel, and it is most famous for broadcasting music video and music shows. It is yet another channel that is jointly owned by Star TV and Fox International Channels.

It has been in operation since 2008; recently, the offices of the channel were moved back to the original studio in Taiwan. If you are enthusiastic about music, this TV channel is the best fit for you.

#4 – CW


It seems that American TV channels rule supreme on this list, as it is ripe with them! CW channel first came on the air in 2006 and it has been dedicated, since them, for the purpose of pure entertainment.

CW shows are some of the most entertaining shows available and they do not fail to keep people hooked to their TVs. Therefore, find the CW schedule and start watching some of the TV shows that are available on this TV channel.

#3 – HBO


HBO series are some of the most-watched in the world—The Wire, The Sopranos, True Detective, Westworld, Boardwalk Empire, and the recently-ended, Game of Thrones. You cannot go bored with the diverse HBO schedule.

Moreover, with the recently launched HBO GO service, you will never miss an HBO movie or HBO series. The network also offers some original documentaries. Therefore, if you want original, quality content, the Home Box Office (HBO) is the place to go.


#2 – ESPN

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If you are a fan of sports, you should watch ESPN. ESPN sports channels are some of the best sports channels out there if you want to watch the NBA, NFL, or the MMA. The acronym is an abbreviation of a longer designation—Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

This TV channel is not available in the US alone, but people in Brazil, Australia, and Latin America can tune in as well to watch the sports channel.

#1 – BBC News


The number 1 spot, of course, goes to BBC News. It is one of the most sought after news TV channels in the entire world. The reason for this is the fact that the channel has always been impartial and worked towards removing bias from the news that it gives to the world.

People cannot get enough of BBC Breaking News; nor can they get enough of the less-hasty BBC World News.

Though streaming services are abundant these days, traditional TV channels are not going anywhere. The form may change, but the content remains the same, and the enthusiasm of people to tune in every day to watch their favorite content remains the same as well. Therefore, watch away!!

Before you go, work your fingers and tell us in the comments below which of the TV channels featured on this list is your favorite.


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