7 Things That High-End Technology Will Make Obsolete


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Technology has changed the world in every conceivable way. In recent decades, these changes have been increasingly rapid and more remarkable. The latter gives us a very clear understanding of the place technology occupies in our lives, and of all that it eventually replaces and renders obsolete.

Smartphones are a perfect example of this evolution. A lot has changed since Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, that many believe to be the first true modern smartphone.

These small devices are now a central part of our lives and have come to replace a large number of things: calendars, calculators, traditional text messages, newspapers, etc. The list is endless. They even changed the way we interact socially.

This only goes to prove the power of technology in our society. Here are 7 things that are going to be replaced by advanced technology in the next decades (or that are already in the process of being replaced):



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