6 Easy Ways You Can Spot Fake News!


What is fake news:


Fake news can be defined as false news articles deliberately written to deceive an audience, generally with the intent of profiting through clickbait or shape the audience’s opinion on a divisive issue.

Before we discuss these concepts, it is important to clarify what clickbait is. With the digital switchover, newspapers have come to rely on their online presence to survive. Much of their revenue comes from advertising and is directly dependent on the number of clicks that each piece of content generates.

The main purpose of Clickbait is to grab a person’s attention and make them click on a link to an external webpage. In these types of articles, quality and factuality are pushed into a secondary role.

The pressure to monetize news articles is so high that even the most trusted news sources sometimes publish sensationalist articles in which it is clear that both the article’s title, content, or both were specifically written using clickbait techniques.

Fake news are as old as news themselves. But with the popularity of social media, they are more dangerous than ever.

Most people get their news through Twitter and Facebook, which means that there’s a considerable amount of people that only read news articles that go viral and are widely spread in these social media platforms.

It is much easier to share content based only on a fancy and eye-catching headline than read the entire piece and evaluate it properly. Ultimately, these fake news lead to misinformation and ignorance.


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