6 Easy Ways You Can Spot Fake News!


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Fake news. We keep hearing this buzzword all the time, everywhere.

It is impossible not to become overwhelmed by the steep amount of information circulating on the Internet all the time. As a result, it is virtually impossible to fact-check every single news article you see on the web or your social media feed.

The major problem with this information overload is that those who are less media-savvy won’t be able to distinguish fake news articles from factual and well-researched reports. This leads them to share these false and sensationalist clickbait stories, thus contributing to the spread of fake news.

This is why this problem must be addressed seriously and rigorously. Information is one of the most powerful weapons in modern society.

It must be treated as such, especially while reporting current news stories that have a direct impact on the course of the world. We must teach people the necessary steps they need to take to identify fake news and fake news websites.

Read on to know how to spot fake news by yourself!



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