6 Basic Tech Skills You Really Should Know


1. Don’t You Keep Everything You Do On Your Computer Or Smartphone? You Should!


Keeping everything you do on your computer or cell phone in a safe place is something you should do at work and even in your personal life. If you don’t, you risk losing hours of work, memories, and experiences that can never be replaced.

And it is not enough to keep it all in a folder on your computer or smartphone devices, because if these electronic devices break down, how do you recover the information that was there? It is necessary to make a backup of all work, photos, videos, and other content with valuable information.

How to back up everything on your phone and computer? You can do this with the help of the following resources that store your content in the cloud:

• Carbonite: to back up all the information on your computer.

• Install Dropbox, Amazon Prime Photos, Apple iCloud or Google Photos: to backup unlimited high-resolution photos – only Google is free, the rest require a subscription.

• Google Drive: to back up documents. How to back up documents? Use Google Drive and take advantage of the 35 GB of free storage that this feature offers you.

• Evernote: to back up notes and digitalized documents.

As you can see, there are several cloud storage options, and you can even use external disks to store your content. There are no longer any reasons for you to lose your digital content or at least not have it stored in a safe place.


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