This Is Why You Need To Stop Charging Your Phone In The Car



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For starters, your phone needs a specific amount of power to be charged well, and your car’s USB port doesn’t provide that, which means your phone will be stalling while charging, or worse, it will barely charge and that will ruin your battery.

According to Brad Nichols, a professional technician, during the 30-60 minutes road from work to home, people will notice that their phones have barely charged, if at all, and that’s because the device needs more power than the car is providing.

On the other hand, Nichols mentions that your phone might receive way too much power, especially if you used the Cigarette Lighter port for charging. The latter provides up to 10 amps, while other charges provide from 1 to 3 amps only.

A damaged or malfunctioning charge will supply inconsistent power to your phone, therefore, sudden surges or spikes that will lead it to overheat, damage its internal components, and eventually, destroy the device.

When you are charging your device on the road, you will not only be ruining your phone’s battery but also draining the battery of your car. When the engine is off but you are still using the radio, your phone will be draining power from your vehicle’s battery.

However, this will not be a big deal if your car is still brand new with healthy batteries, but if your car is old, you might want to avoid charging your device there.


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