The Most Effective Ways To Improve Battery Life On Your Devices


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It is time, ladies and gentlemen, to talk about something that we seriously struggle with: The ridiculously-short lifetime of our devices’ batteries!

When we get a new phone, the battery seems like it is never going to be emptied and we will forever stay that way. But a few weeks later, the battery starts to decrease without us even touching the device, which is frustrating.

Nowadays, our devices have a different type of batteries that are Lithium-ion based, while the old ones were Nickel-cadmium based. The latter used to have a “memory effect”, which means the battery would lose its life every time the device is used when it is not fully discharged.

The new ones don’t have this effect, but they still lose their lives faster than we want them to. If you want to keep your batteries life longer, then here are the most effective ways to improve battery life on your devices.

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